ESNS: who will we going to see in Groningen?

ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) is announcing artists for its upcoming edition, taking place from January 16 – 19, 2019 in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Among them we will see such an artists as Crimer who played in Poland this summer during Soundrive festival in Gdansk and Fountaines D.C who played at OFF Festival in Katowice and a lot more. Check out the full line-up!

The following artists are set to play ESNS in January:

Any Other (it) Apey & the Pea (hu)  Bass Astral x Igo (pl)  Battle Beast (fi)  blackwave. (be)  Boy Azooga (gb) Crimer (ch)  Delaporte (es)  Eli (de)  Fleche Love (ch)  Fontaines D.C. (ie)  Gurr (de)  Hatari (is)  Holy Motors (ee)  Isama Zing (sk) Keep Razors Sharp (pt)  MAiKA (rs)  Mavi Phoenix (at)  Moha La Squale (fr)  Napoleon Gold (lu)  Noah Carter (dk) Rimon (nl) Ruth Koleva & The Fingertones (bg)  San Holo (nl) Sarah Klang (se) Sonnfjord (be) Tatum Rush (ch) Torul (si)  Very Cool People (lv) Adam Naas (fr), Alien Tango (es), Amanda Tenfjord (no), Annabel Allum (gb), Apey (hu), Apre (gb), Arp Frique & Family (nl), At Pavillon (at), Babe Sila (hu), Balcony (gb), Becky And The Birds (se), Belako (es), Black Futures (gb), Black Midi (gb), Blanco White (gb), Blind Channel (fi), Blu Samu (be), Blue Lab Beats (gb), Borokov Borokov (be), Cyril Cyril (ch), Danitsa (ch), Delgres (fr), Deluge (fr), Diron Animal (pt), Drahla (gb), Dvtch Norris (be), Emma-jean Thackray’s Walrus (gb), Erki Pärnoja: Efterglow (ee), Eut (nl), Farveblind (dk), Federico Albanese (it), Feet (gb), Fieh (no), Flohio (gb), Flynn (ie), Free Love (gb), Gerry Cinnamon (gb), Gold (nl), GRANT (se), Hildur (is), Hugo Barriol (fr), Ilgen-nur (de), Implore (de), Indianizer (it), Ivan Dorn (ua), Jimi Somewhere (no), Juniore (fr), K-phax (dk), Kælan Mikla (is), Kara Marni (gb), Kelvyn Colt (de), Kiddy Smile LIVE (fr), Kojaque (ie), Komfortrauschen (de), L’Impératrice (fr), Lass (pl), Laura Perrudin (fr), Lisa Morgenstern (de), Long Tall Jefferson (ch), Lonker See (pl), Louise Lemón (se), Machweo (it), Mambe & Danochilango (dk), MDC III (be), Molly (at), Moncrieff (ie), Nico Casal (es), Niklas Paschburg (de), O Gajo (pt), Ondt Blod (no), Pavvla (es), Penelope Isles (gb), Petrol Girls (at), Pillow Queens (ie), Pip Blom (nl), Pitou (nl), Plàsi (se), Portland (be), Powersolo (dk), Radiant Children (gb), Rendez Vous (fr), Rews (ie), RuthAnne (ie), Sasha Boole (ua), Scúru Fitchádu (pt), Sibiir (no), Sports Team (gb), The Blinders (gb), The Canyon Observer (si), The Entrepreneurs (dk), The Grand East (nl), The Mauskovic Dance Band (nl), The Murder Capital (ie), The Pier (it), The Psychotic Monks (fr), Tomat Petrella (it), Tversky (es), Villejuif Underground (fr), Wannes Cappelle, broeder Dieleman en Frans Grapperhaus (be/nl), Whenyoung (ie), Whispering Sons (be), Wild Youth (ie), Yegor Zabelov (by) and Кукла (si). More acts to be announced in the coming weeks.