Before Frank Turner became Frank Turner

At the end of October the English singer-songwriter is coming to play two shows in Poland. However, before he began his solo career, strongly reliant on acoustic sounds, he played… slightly different music.

Back in 1997 he co-founded the band Kneejerk. The group played something between hardcore and post-hardcore. They managed to issue two albums and a split with the band Abjure. Their last release, The Half-Life of Kissing, came out in 2001, after the band had already fallen apart.

Later Turner was invited to join Million Dead, also a post-hardcore band, in which he worked alongside his former Kneejerk colleague – drummer Ben Dawson. The group, however, disbanded after releasing two albums because of “irreconcilable differences” within it.

In the meantime, Turner got his hands on a tape containing Bruce Springsteen’s song Nebraska. Frank admits that it was a turning point for him, in which the current sound of his solo work is rooted.

He remains a fan of heavier sounds, though. Together with above mentioned Ben Dawson and Matt Nasir, who is a part of The Sleeping Souls (band accompanying Turner live and in studio in his solo project) in 2012 he formed the hardcore-inspired group Möngöl Hörde, which is still active today.

The current Frank Turner’s solo tour is promoting his newest album, Be More Kind. During its Polish part, on 29th and 30th of October he will play in Warsaw and Krakow, respectively. The tickets can be purchased directly form the organiser’s website: