Reeperbahn Festival partner country 2018: France

There are exactly 30 days to go before the international music world will gather on St. Pauli to attend the 13th Reeperbahn Festival! It’s about time to finalise the festival line-up of 2018. The organisers announcied another 55 names.

Konstantin Gropper and his band Get Well Soon (DE) will give a very special performance: At St. Michaelis Church (“Michel”), Gropper will not only stage his complex, opulent pieces with a large ensemble consisting of wind instruments, strings and guest singers, such as Sam Vance-Law and Kat Frankie – the time-honoured Arp-Schnitger organ will be played by none less than his father!
R’n’b ballades meeting bass-heavy productions and lyrics of utmost urgency are what Noga Erez‘s (IL) sound cosmos is about, showing what the combination of politics and pop must sound like in the here and now.

Denai Moore (GB) who, with her albums “Elsewhere” and “We Used to Bloom”, is one of the most thrilling new artists from the UK shows similar energy, however, caught between folk and soul.
Sam Fender (GB) is at the beginning of a likewise promising career; with his emphatic, politically motivated lyrics and his enormously groovy indie songs, he has already been selected by the BBC as Sound of 2018.
The quintet Keele (DE) from northern Germany and its German-sung mix of punk rock and alternative sound is forceful, knocking you over like a strong gust of the north wind. Their sound is wonderfully captured on their debut record “Gut und dir”.

Also confirmed:
Glass Museum (BE), DENA (DE), Ziggy Alberts (AU), Declan J Donovan (GB), black midi(GB), Ruston Kelly (US), Beauty & the Beats (DE), Cat Clyde (CA), Leto (DE), The Mauskovic Dance Band (NL), LION (GB), BLED WHITE (DE), Nelson Can (DK), The Dirty Nil (CA), Micah Erenberg (CA), Rayannah (CA), Felix Räuber (DE), Perttu (FI), Jett Rebel (NL), Brett Newski (US), Marianne Aya Omac (FR), Berywam (FR), Moonlight Benjamin (FR), MONOWHALES (CA), Iskwé (CA), Nuela Charles (CA), The Town Heroes (CA), Hillsburn(CA), Walrus (CA), Rock N Roll Radio (KR), Love X Stereo (KR), SE SO NEON (KR), Life and Time (KR), Milk & Bone (CA), Double Experience (CA), Aquarama (IT), Null + Void (US), Better Person (DE), 2nd Blood (DK), Mijo Biscan (AU), Voyou (FR), Athletic Progression (DK), Inge van Calkar (NL), BBXO (DE), Jon Bryant (CA), Little Destroyer (CA), Yung Heazy (CA), Nick Faye (CA), Rosie & the Riveters (CA), Shirley & The Pyramids (CA), Nico Casal (GB), Mélissa Laveaux (FR), Strange Bones (GB), Asylums (GB), Robocobra Quartet (IE), UNS (DE), Stevans (CH), Marius Bear (CH), Thylacine (FR), Foé (FR), Kazy Lambist (FR), Kimberose (FR), Royaume (FR), Tample (FR), Mariama (FR), Part-Time Friends (FR), Any Other (IT), The Pier (IT), Giungla (IT), Fogh Depot (RU), Kito Jempere(RU), Anton Maskeliade (RU), Chikiss (RU), Chkbns (RU), Pompeya (RU), Blue Jean Serenade (LV).

Reeperbahn Festival partner country 2018: France
As the third largest music market of the world, Germany is the major export market for French music – this is one of the many reasons why there has been a partnership between Reeperbahn Festival and the French music export office Le Bureau Export since the very first edition in 2006. Now this is our 13th year and it is more than appropriate to have a closer look at the French music market and to focus on the enormously multifaceted music landscape.