Reeperbahn Festival 2018 still grows

Reeperbahn Festival  announces a number of 224 bands and artists that perform this year – that is nearly 50 per cent of the 450 acts that will perform during the four festival days in St. Pauli. We can already reveal that there will be many new future favourite bands and live-changing music discoveries.

In perfect eclecticism, the British band Jungle (GB) interweaves 1970s disco sound, r’n’b, soul and the typical sound of the streets of large cities into a full soundscape with a strong “craze factor”. Earworms such as “The Heat” and “Busy Earnin’” provide the drive you need to safely surf the city jungle – and they make you long for the second album. The band’s live performance is an experience – musically, aesthetically, and in general.

In the course of their seven-year career, the German trio Kadavar (DE) have built an international reputation as an absolute retro rock institution. This can also be attributed to their smashing concerts which are a definite must for every guitar music fan.
Laing (DE) create electro pop with an aspiration for avantgarde and fantastic German lyrics. On the Reeperbahn, the quartet around singer, songwriter and producer Nicola Rost, will present their forthcoming album “Fotogena” – with their own show and choreography.
The Berlin rapper Chima Ede (DE) became the favourite of many colleagues, showing lyric skill and musical ingenuity: whether trap beats or ballades – his flow has international quality.

The brothers Oliver and Chris Wood and their trio The Wood Brothers (US) are returning to their music roots by way of dust-dry Americana with a touch of blues and country. Connoisseurs of contemporary jazz should know Chris Wood as bassist of the renowned Medeski, Martin & Wood trio.
Martin Johnson is a professional songwriter who has already provided Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Jason Derulo or Papa Roach with hits. With his alter ego The Night Game (US), he presents minimalistic guitar pop, naturally featuring superb song writing as proved by his debut album of the same name.
Thanks to A Tribe Called Quest, Guru´s Jazzmatazz or current artists such as Thundercat or Kamasi Washington, the pop world has learned that jazz and hip hop are closely related. The Blue Lab Beats (GB) project around the producers NK-OK and Mr. DM uses this conjunction, merging funky bass lines, driving kick drum and jazz samples to continue their joint musical history.

Also confirmed: Nina Attal (FR), Okta Logue (DE), PONGO (AO/PT), Agar Agar (FR), Men I Trust (CA), Cuco (US), Blanco White (GB), Jack Vallier (GB), Amyl and the Sniffers (AU), Pip Blom (NL), Dizzy (CA), Cassia (GB), White Trash (GB), Leroy Menace (DE), Aeris Roves(GB), Jugo Ürdens und EINFACHSO (AT), Blackberries (DE), Mister Me (DE), Konni Kass(FO), Blind Butcher (CH), Anna Leone (SE), KEIR (GB), AROMA (DE), BLVTH (DE), LUEAM(DE), Sorry (GB), The Holy (FI), CEEYS (DE), I Am K (NO), The Homesick (NL), KUOKO(DE), FLUT (AT), Cari Cari (AT), Scotch & Water (DE), John Metcalfe (GB), Iskandar Widjaja(DE/ID), Wanthanee (BE), Marina Baranova (UA), WARGIRL (US), NEØV (FI), Tom Allan & The Strangest (GB), Two Year Vacation (SE), FRUM (FO), TENTS (AT), Dream Catcher (LU), Napoleon Gold (LU), Bartleby Delicate (LU), Naked Cameo (AT), Ferris & Sylvester (GB), The Crispies (AT), Dope Calypso (HU), Solo Ansamblis (LT), Please The Trees (CZ), Peter Gregson (GB), Love Machine (DE), Planetarium (DE), Botticelli Baby (DE) Bazzookas (NL), Hollow Coves (AU), Charlotte Lawrence (US), Sage (FR), Bad Sounds (GB), Serious Klein (DE), Rola (DE), Her’s (GB), CE$ (DE), Yoke Lore (US), BLOND (DE), Ainslie Wills (AU), MNNQNS (FR), MELLAH (GB), whenyoung (IE), Makeness(GB), Laura Carbone (DE), Petrol Girls (AT/GB), HOPE (DE), Rosemary & Garlic (NL), Jungstötter (DE), EUT (NL), Poems For Jamiro (DE), LÜT (NO), Slenderbodies (US), Chris Imler (DE), ViVii (SE), The Nectars (US), Theodore (GR), Leon Of Athens (GR), Σtella (GR), Tundra (DK), The Courettes (DK), The Florines (DK), Dives (AT), At Pavillon (AT), Hjalte Ross(DK), Marshall Cecil (DK), Moli (BE), Smash Into Pieces (SE).