Wicca Phase Springs Eternal: I’m almost 30, I don’t think that I stop listening to new music

After releasing “Corinthiax”, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal decided to come to Europe. He visited five cities and Warsaw was the last one. The concert took place in Chmury and it was the first gig that Wicca Phase played in Poland and also sold out.


Barbara Skrodzka: Your tour started one week ago in London, then you went to Paris, Amsterdam, now you are in Warsaw, the last city. How is the tour so far?

Adam McIlwee: Well, the whole tour has been great! London sold out, Amsterdam sold out, Paris was great. In  Germany I played at Maifeld Derby Festival which was a lot of fun, and Warsaw tonight is sold out. Warsaw is my favorite city. My grandmother is from Poland, so I’m happy to be here. Europe has been great in general, and everyone is so friendly and so professional it’s nice to be here.

Is this your first time in Poland or maybe you’ve been here before?

No, first time. I always want to come to Poland, but I also always wanted to come to Warsaw specifically, and I love it. I wish I could stay longer.

Do you know from which city or region is your grandma?

I don’t know.

When you mentioned that you wish to stay longer it remind me that there are musicians called Konoba and R.O, they are from Belgium, and they started 10 Project, which is 10 countries, 10  months, 10 songs, 1 album and they are now in Poland and they’re recording, filming, sightseeing. Have you ever been thinking about something like this or maybe you prefer working in your home studio?

Now, that I heard that idea I want to do it. Normally, I like recording at home in my room. I record at my house or at my grandmother’s house just because I like to have time to get in the mindset of recording and it’s hard for me to just start recording I have to sit for a while and think about it. I would love to do some recording on the road and specifically here.

Some musicians say that they can’t work when they are touring because they don’t have enough time for that.

I would not be able to record. I haven’t had any time to record, really, just because it’s a short tour and it’s my first time here, so travel is a little tricky and I’m tired all the time. Today is the first time I feel rested. If I was here for longer yes, but I haven’t been in a city more than a day. I was in Paris for two days, in Warsaw for two days, but not even full days, but I’d like to do that if I had more time or set up a studio and then work from there. Yeah, I’d love to do that.

Why this tour is so short in Europe? Why only one week?

That is a good question. I think because it’s my first time here and I wanted to get comfortable and familiar with it, because I’m already tired, so any longer might be challenging, but this will be the shortest tour that I do. I’ll come back for much longer next time, probably before the end of the year. I think it was just to get me comfortable with the idea of coming over here. I don’t tour often. I used to work but I had a full-time job up until January, so this is the first year that I’m able to tour a lot and I just want to see how I like it, and what my body can handle, but I imagine that in the future the tour will be longer.

In one interview you said that you’re working on an album and it might come out at the beginning of the 2019.

I’m recording and writing all the songs first and recording a guitar and some of the keyboards, pads and lyrics and then sending them to the producer – Døves. He’s in GothBoiClique. It took some time for us to figure out how that would work and how the album would sound. When I get home from this tour I’ll go to the studio and record all the vocals properly, so it sounds good. It is a proper album. It’s not just something that I will record and then put online immediately. It will be pressed to vinyl and I can’t really say more than that quite yet but it just takes a little bit of time for all the production. I can’t say too much more because some stuff hasn’t been announced. I’ll finish recording in July. It’ll be done, and then go into production, the press, the records and some other stuff. I’ll shoot some videos and in the meantime I’ll record some other stuff, some smaller at a shorter albums to release in between 5, 6 songs. I love recording. I used to work full time so I didn’t have a lot of time to record. Now, I’m putting all my energy into this album, and once I’m done recording it, I can go back and work on the stuff that I wanted to record when I couldn’t do it.

What did you do when you were working full time?

I worked in social media and marketing for college, so I would manage their Facebook posts and their Twitter posts and stuff like that and I would write blogs. I did that for long time, 8 years. I wasn’t popular enough to be able to quit it and I don’t know if I’m popular enough now, but it’s working out.

In which country there is the most listeners of Wicca Phase?

It’s United States first, Canada second and it’s Poland third. Yeah, it’s Poland third which I don’t know why. Russia is popular too and the United Kingdom. The top 5 are United States, Canada Poland, England, Russia.

I think this kind of music is quite popular, there’ s some artists in Poland who aren’t in the mainstream, and they are really good,  so maybe that’s the reason.

Yeah! Maybe, I have no idea actually. This kind of music is so popular in Europe, Eastern Europe and I don’t know why, but I’m very happy that it is, because there’s all places that I wanted to visit, but I won’t complain and I won’t question it. I’m just thankful that it happened and I’ll let it happen.

How about Asia and Japan?

China a little bit, but also I don’t I haven’t push my music in Asia. I hope one day, I want to visit Japan, I want to go to Korea.

Some surveys says that people in the age of 30 stop listen to and discover new music. We can see it on concerts actually, there is more young people.

My fans are mostly younger, but the more I play shows the more I realize that I see people in their forties who like my music. I don’t know why, but they do. I don’t try and make music for young people, they are just the ones who liked it. I’m almost 30, I don’t think that I stop listening to new music. I’m a musician, so it’s my job to listen to new music. I don’t know they might not have the time. I think it’s natural for people to like what they like. Maybe when they hit certain age they don’t have time to discover new music.

What was the new band that you discovered recently?

Let me think. I like older music. I like Bob Dylan, I like the Beach Boys. Hold on, this is easy! Smrtdeath, Lil Aaron, there’s an artist Macho Randy, they’re all from the States. Macho Randy is very good and not very popular. He only has a few hundred followers on Soundcloud but he is so good. Those are newer artist that aren’t super mainstream or like incredibly popular, not everyone knows them. I love them. My favorite current people that are a little bit bigger, people like Pictureplane. I’ve been listening to them for a while. I try not to listen to lot of new music when I’m making music, because I don’t want to be influenced too much by it and I don’t want to accidentally steal something from them without knowing. I’ll think I came up with something really good and  then realize it was theirs. Of course I listen to so much GothBoiClique music because everyone puts out a lot of music and there’s a lot of members. Døves is producing my new album. He’s my favorite musician right now, and he doesn’t put out a lot of music, but he sends me a lot of his new songs and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them, because he will be so popular.

What do you think about showcase festivals, you can discover a lot of bands also there.

Yeah absolutely! Even more so in Europe. American festivals are different. Mostly the same people who play for a lot of people or bands that used to be big and then reunite at the festival. In Europe I feel like the festivals book artists because of their good. Right not necessarily because they’re popular. Which is why I like European festivals more. I played one, I always talk about it – Creepy Teepee, last year in the Czech Republic. I’ve learned so many artists that I love and now some of them are really popular like Princess Nokia, Blade and Ecco2k. I liked them before.I think especially European festivals are great way to find out about new people who are very talented and you might not have heard of them.

Are you going to come to Poland after the album release?

Definitely and hopefully more than just Warsaw. I’d like to do other cities, and again Europe. Nothing against the United States, because obviously I’m from there and I love it, but artist get treated so well here. Promoters are so nice and booking agents are so nice, and the fans are really happy to see you and also very respectful. I don’t want to get in trouble and say that American fans aren’t respectful, because they are, but especially so in Europe and overseas, so I’d love to spend more time over here really. I’m not just saying that because I’m here doing an interview with you. I might be back before the end of the year, because this was a short tour to see if I liked it. I think I’m playing a festival in Paris later this year. It hasn’t been announced, so I can’t say the name specific, but people can probably figure it out. I think I’m playing that, so I’ll play more shows around then in October and November, so hopefully I’ll come back to Poland, but if not probably spring or summer 2019.

Barbara Skrodzka, 

Chmury, 17.06.2018