Kensington: Only good things happened here

The Dutch group Kensington has many fans in Poland. The band visits our country almost every year. This time they performed at the Palladium club in Warsaw. Before the concert, Barbara Skrodzka talked with Eloi, Casper, Jan and Niles.


Barbara Skrodzka: As far as I know, you’re going to come back to the studio this fall. How looks the process of making new music?

Casper Starreveld: We’re playing a very big concert at the Amsterdam Arena, after this we will focus on writing new music. Now we’re doing demos. I think we will be recording at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, depending on whether we are still able to write new songs.

Can we expect a single at the end of this year?

Eloi Youssef: No, not this year. Maybe at the beginning of next year, but it all depends on what we write. If we do not write good quality songs, then we are not going to release them.

Your previous albums were recorded in Berlin and Rome, do you know in which place would you like to record another one?

Niles Vandenberg: Not yet, but I’m thinking about USA.

EY: He’s going to USA on his own. [laugh]. It depends on the producer and on the people that we want to work with. First, we have to create music, then we need to find a producer that fits the music and then we have to ask him or her. There’s almost only men producers, maybe we should have a lady producer once.

CS: If you know a lady producer please send it to Thank you.

Eloi, few weeks ago I saw on your Instagram that you  appeard on Thirty Seconds To Mars show in Amsterdam. Did you enjoy the show and singing with Jared „Walk On Water”?

EY: Yes, that was pretty fun, actually. They contacted us few days before. The weird thing about that day was that you had really quick adrenaline pick, like few seconds. In total it was a minute or two on stage, then I had to go off again. Everyone was talking about it. Jared was really cool, we had a chat afterwards. It was fun.

What do you think about their new album „America”?

EY: I haven’t heard it yet.

NV: I heard it. It’s an electronic album.

CS: I really like the campaign around it. Jared walked through America. I checked on his Instagram that there was a moment when he was on desert somewhere and then in Hollywood and New York. This was kind of cool. I’ve never heard the album either, I just know “Walk On Water”.

I’d like to ask you about two songs from album “Control”.  First “St. Hellena” is full of rock and very dark. I’m thinking about instrumental part and it seems that Niles and Jan listen to this kind of dark music. Did you have the biggest influence on this song or maybe not?

Jan Haker: I think we all like dark heavy music in a while. Maybe Niles and I listen to it a little bit more. We just all contribute the idea of the song.

EY: I had the idea really long time ago. I had it on my phone. We were on the studio, we couldn’t get anything done and then I just put that little thing on, which was like four years old. Casper  asked me what is that, he started to play riff on it. We started together and actually it was team effort. We all love the grunge music, we love the heavy stuff. I think the magic that the four of us created it was perfect at that moment.

The second song, actually video – “Bridges”, which was directed in Prague and Warsaw during your last tour. It scares me every time I watch it. Was that your idea to show people that are stuck with their phones?

CS: That was the mirror for people to look in, for ourselves as well. We spend a lot of time on our phones. I think nowdays we have to be careful and not loose ourselves in technology. It’s so easy to be sucked into it. It wasn’t criticism, but we wanted to say, „Hey, think about it, be a little bit more aware of the surroundings and what’s happening in front of you, instead on your screen”. I think the video was very well received by viewers. Everyone was like “Oh, shit! That’s me.” I think we are not the type of band who tells people what they should do or not. That was more like a statement, a sign of the times. We liked shooting it here, because it looked very nice. Warsaw, thank you  for looking nice in the video.

I contacted with your fanbase from Poland and they have some questions for you. Few years ago you had really nice acoustic show, are you planning to do this kind of  accoustic shows again?

EY: We’ve been talking about that for pretty long time to do accoustic set. We always love doing it. It’s comepletely different way, sort of reviewing your songs after you played them for hundred times. If you do it accousticly you find like a comepletely different settle in  comepletely different ways. Sometimes you find new meanings when you do them acousticly, everyone needs to reinvent their instrument. I hope we will do that in nearly future, I don’t know when. I think first we are going to do full lenght record.

Were there any bad things that happend to you in Poland?


JH: A lot of vodka.

NV: The only bad thing that happend was the hangover.

CS: Actually there only good things happened here. We once had a charity gig for the WOŚP and we broke a couple of strings, because it was so cold. That’ s probably the worst thing that happend to us.

I’ve been on Woodstock, what was your experience of this festival?

NV: Great crowd, a lot of energy and probably the best festival we’ve ever played on.

JH: I thing it was the largest festival we’ve ever played. As far as you can see there were people and in some point they started singing a polish song for us in the middle of our show. We never experienced something like this. It was very special to us.

As you mention before, in July you are playing your biggest show ever in Amsterdam. Your fans are wondering if you are going to record a DVD.

EY: No, I don’t know if we’re going to do DVD, because they’re a little bit dead. People don’t play them anymore.

CS: We want to make a film not only about the Arena, but maybe  about the whole band and stuff that happend, so we’re looking throuh old material now and maybe at some point we will release some big Kensington movie, but I think it can take a while. There’s a lot of footages to go through, but we will deffinitely film and record the Arena show, so it will be in some point available for everyone to see.

EY: If you really want to experience it, buy a ticket. Actually it will be fucking amazing if some polish people will come. There would be great!

CS: It’s almost full so you have to be quickly.


Barbara Skrodzka, 

Palladium, 14.04.2018